Partner onboarding

Guaranteed payments

When a client settles their invoice with Presentation.STUDIO, you can be assured of a guaranteed payment. This reduces the uncertainty and potential disputes often faced by freelancers when dealing directly with clients. With Presentation.STUDIO acting as an intermediary, you can focus on delivering quality work without worrying about payment collection.

Simplified pricing model

As a presentation designer partner with Presentation.STUDIO, you benefit from a straightforward and hassle-free pricing system. By working at a flat per slide rate that you share with us, the complexities of variable pricing structures are eliminated. This means no more confusing calculations or uncertainties - just a clear, easy-to-understand rate for every slide you design.

Collaborative environment

Engage with a team of seasoned professionals, which provides ample opportunities for peer learning and mentorship.

Growth opportunities

As Presentation.STUDIO expands, there could be potential chances for long-term partnerships, leadership roles, or even permanent positions.


Gain exposure to a diverse range of industries and projects that will enrich your design skills and portfolio.

Reputation boost

Working with a renowned company like Presentation.STUDIO can elevate your personal brand in the design community.

No regret rates

At Presentation.STUDIO, we value your expertise and encourage you to set competitive rates that you believe fairly compensate your skills and effort. You can confidently work knowing that the rate you've set is both competitive and satisfying, without the fear of underselling yourself or facing regrets later. This ensures peace of mind and a focus on delivering quality without the distraction of payment uncertainties.

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